10 January, 2014

Headlines in Copy can Make or Break You

Why does a Great Headline Matter?

The most important part of copywriting is writing great headlines. An attention-grabbing headline is what will determine whether you reader will continue reading the article or move on to another website. In the fast-paced world of online marketing, headlines continue to be a significant part of any article. In many ways, your headline is the face of you business for a passing visitor. A boring or complicated headline will reflect negatively on your business, just as a clear, concise, and exciting headline will reflect positively.

Remember Keywords!

Since a great headline is of singular importance, make sure to dedicate enough time for its development. Remember, you can create several drafts of headlines and change it as many times as necessary until it really is a great headline. Headlines must inspire your reader to continue reading. Keywords are a primary guide to knowing your audience, and therefore should be included in the headline. Keep relevant keywords in mind when writing headlines, as they will be the initial text search engines will grasp.

Headlines are Call’s to Action!

Headlines are as much a part of copywriting as the article text. Internet businesses and online marketing is pervasive and a successful online marketing campaign consists of many different aspects. Headlines might be the last thing written and finalized for a website but they should be a central focus of thought from the beginning of its development. Choose keywords that you know are popular in searches and include those in the headline. The keywords you choose should be generally understood by your audience.

Overall, the same rules that are applied to writing the body of a copy should be applied to writing the headline. Keywords, clarity, precision, and appeal are all key components of writing copy. Do not write headlines as a last minute thought but rather keep it in mind as copy is being created. Headlines can either be written after the main copy article is written or before. There are pros and cons to both approaches. A headline created before beginning to write the article can serve as a guideline and reminder of what to focus on throughout the article. When you write the headline after the article has been created you can use the article to note the main ideas and use it as a guideline for writing a great headline.

Remember the point of headlines is to grab the attention of your reader. If you are bored with your headline or unmotivated, chances are your reader will feel the same way.

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