20 May, 2015

How Social Media can Boost your Mobile Marketing Campaign Results

Smartphones and tablets have created a way to reach customers digitally, even when they’re not seated in front of their desktop computer. People who are out of town use their smartphones and tablets to do searches for entertainment, directions, and a multitude of other functions. They are always connected. Also, this demographic tends to have lots of money to spend and loves to try new things. Digital marketers can take advantage of these facts to put together a mobile campaign that is leveraged with social media to bust the doors down to greater profits.

Mobile Campaigns Reach New Customers at the Decision Point

If we are helping a business owner that owns a pizza place, then we want to reach their customers when they are about to make the decision to go to lunch. If they are out shopping, in a new area of town, or simply want to try something new, they will use a search engine on their phones to locate a place of business that sells pizza that they can get to easily from where they happen to be. We know that we can get online customers to come to their place, if they see that they offer what they want in the area that they want it. However, this can’t happen if their website is not mobile-friendly and they are looking at the site via a mobile device. By making the menus easily scrollable and providing a mobile coupon with a QR code for new customers, the business can entice someone to visit them instead of their competitor down the street. Plus, we also would make sure that they get noticed in search engine rankings so potential customers can find them quickly.

Why Social Media is the Perfect Partner for Mobile Marketing Campaigns

What happens when a potential customer decides to ask their online friends where there is a good place to eat near them? Social media sites are a favorite meeting place for people with smartphones because the sites are mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. They can quickly post a status update and get a few recommendations. Or, they might not even know about a service they have a need for until they see a post that meets their needs. This can influence them to make a visit to a business establishment. Don’t forget that if the business offers a creative plate, it’s often a photo opportunity for a generation that loves to share with their friends and take selfies while they’re at it.

Social and Mobile: The Perfect Pyramid for Digital Marketing

It can end up going viral as friends click the “Like” button which shares it on their feeds as well. If they click “Share” on Facebook it will post it to their timeline, too. Either way, all it takes is for an image or topic to get a lot of traction and it ends up spreading out quickly through the virtual grapevine. Mobile marketers who want to reach their specific demographic where they most likely are congregating also should be using social media to leverage their mobile marketing campaigns. We can use social networks to post contests to get more traffic from potential ideal customers to create buzz for our businesses in ways that grab attention quickly and offer some social vetting at the same time. This can help persuade people to visit your establishment in ways that a mobile marketing campaign without social media cannot do all by itself.

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