22 July, 2015

Three B’s of online marketing

Now a days every small and Big business owners have websites but what is the use of having a website when we are not able to drive any traffic to our websites .Big companies spend a huge amount of money and do all the possible marketing present till date however many small business owners are still living in a misconception that having a website for their business will do the job. Small business owners believe that only high end marketing can get huge traffic to the websites, however this is just a myth. There is way in which you can drive a huge traffic to your website at a very small investment.

Many small business owners are not aware of the 3B’s technique through which we can drive traffic to a website. These 3 B’s basically are Build, Buy and Borrow. For any online business, having an own client list or customer list is an valuable asset but how you can do so, don’t worry just follow the steps below-

1) BUILD your own traffic : We all have websites, but honestly did we ever gave a thought that if we are getting “x” traffic to our website, then out of that traffic why people will try to contact us or will be interested for our services? Or what are we providing to the people who are visiting our website?

Most of the small and medium sized business owners do not have an answer to the question asked above. Well it’s pretty simple. If people are coming to your website that means they are looking for some services which you offer and just imagine if you can give those people an over view or something which gives an idea about what and how the services and products which you offer are, then the probability of that particular person get converted to be your potential customer is very high.

Ask me how?

You also will agree with me that in any online purchase you are not sure that how the product or services you have purchased will be in real. We purchase that by just believing and trusting the fact that the product/services you have purchased is good. So just imagine, you as a business owner, and you are giving a slight insight of what the product/service is, that also for free, then you are reinforcing the same trust and belief of that particular person to buy the product from your end.

Just imagine that you are looking for a yoga service in Auckland and you are going through websites who provide yoga services. All of a sudden you come across a website who is providing you a free e-book on yoga which has a market value if you purchase from local bookshop and here in the website you just have to put in your name and email address, will you think twice. Well more than 90% people who are looking for yoga services in Auckland will go for the free yoga e-book, even I will do the same.

And what does that website gets in return while providing free e-books. Well that website is BUILDING its own list of potential customers which the business owner will be in constant touch through newsletters etc. The greater the list the higher the chance of getting more business because he/she has the data of all the people who are interested for his/her yoga services, and those people who are in the list already are well aware about the services and the trust factor is good and will give preference to him/her rather than going for a new service again, so directly and indirectly it’s a valuable assets to the website.

My point behind sharing this long example is to just explain you that if websites can have something to offer for free or at a very low cost then websites is building its own list. So if we have our own huge list, then there many possible things which we can do with our list to increase our enquiries and sales.

There are many online email marketing tools available which help us to setup the option/sign up boxes along with setting up the freebee and building and managing our lists.

2) BUY traffic: This is the easiest way to drive traffic to our website, we just have to assigns a budget and run a google pay per click campaign. PPC gives us a guaranteed results, and it’s really helpful to drive relevant traffic to our websites.

3) Borrow Traffic: In this we Borrow traffic from other people websites. In this we run an affiliate marketing program in which we list our product/Service on other website which has a huge list and a good traffic rate, each sales of our products/services done from our affiliate sites, we give a certain percentage of each sales to the affiliate, this is also a proven method to increase our sales and service. The best part is, if we can have many affiliates the probability of building our list and sales are very high.

Business owners can follow the above three B’s to take their business to next level.

-Post By Rony Rajan

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