10 June, 2015

Tips to Maintain your Organic Search Traffic

The website owners may think that once they’ve nailed down a new SEO campaign, they only need to worry about attracting new customers. Will the new SEO tactics lose your already existing client base? Does the new organic traffic production campaign speak to both new and existing customers? If you’ve worked hard to create an audience through organic search techniques, then you will definitely expect a massive organic traffic on your website. If you do not run an advanced SEO campaign for your site, you can lose your audience through no fault of your own. This can happen with the recent mobile-friendly update if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site. Learn these tips to maintain your organic search traffic no matter what new conditions you’re working towards or against.

3 Major Tips to Maintain your Organic Search Traffic

Websites need to be like all-night fast food drive-through. They should always be open. They should always be able to serve what your customers expect. Lastly, they should be easy to find during the night, when other places may be closed for business. Most importantly, you need to lay emphasis on increasing the organic traffic on your website. Some things to look at are:

1. Create Quality Backlinks for your Site- Your site needs to be able to optimize the organic traffic. The traffic can be increased only if your website ranks well ahead of the competitors’ websites on search engines. Except of enriching the ranking of your website through keywords, you can create one-way backlinks to your website. Quality backlinks play a pivotal role for improving the rankings of any website, thereby producing huge organic traffic to the website. You just need to figure out trusted and genuine sources for building quality backlinks. Authentic sources are always recognized and recommended by the search engines.

2. Update Content Frequently- Another way that helps the website owners to produce organic traffic is to update it with fresh and unique content. ‘Content is the king’ is not just a saying, but it is imperative to update your website with attractive content frequently to attract the traffic, organically. Content is the best vehicle to convey the information through website. Internet friendly content can do the magic in terms of high search-ability over different search engines. It is a must thing for a website owner to update his/her website with keyword enriched content to give shape to their pursuit of having more organic traffic to their website.

3. Visibility over Social Media Platforms – Social media marketing has taken a giant leap in current scenario. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. have been used by the business owners to a large extent to produce traffic to their websites in an organic way. Most of the organic traffic obtained over the years is due to successful SMO campaigns. Content that is optimized for SMO platform drives traffic to your front door. If you’re not an SMO expert, it’s time to hire one, before you lose your existing organic traffic due to poor visibility over different social media platforms. Content needs to be reviewed and updated at times to make sure it is going to engage the audience to the fullest.

If you’re not sure what might be causing dropping traffic numbers and you need help, contact SMEGoWeb for some expert advice to get you back on track.

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