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    When you are starting a business, you need to ensure that your investments benefit your business. With PPC campaigns, you have a better chance of earning qualified leads. However, you do require some expertise in this to get maximum returns. Our team is familiar with the top analytics tools that allow them to get a better understanding of the target audience, competition, and targeted keywords, ensuring the success of your PPC campaigns.

    It is important to understand that PPC marketing is a continuous process. You cannot simply set the ads and forget about them. You need to analyse the results frequently and make changes to your campaigns to ensure your brand is benefiting from the PPC ads. Our team of experienced professionals can help you navigate the process without any hassle and allow your brand to reach the right people at the right time.


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    PPC service

    One of the major reasons for investing in Google AdWords is that it offers faster results than SEO. Since a majority of website traffic comes from search engines, it is crucial to choose the right keyword for your PPC ads to appear at the top of SERPs. 

    Our PPC team can boost your website traffic with

    • Google Display Ads Management
    • Google Search Ads Management
    • Google Shopping Ads Management
    • YouTube Ads Management
    PPC service

    B2B brands usually prefer LinkedIn to get business. If you also want to run a successful B2B marketing campaign, our team can help you develop compelling PPC ads for LinkedIn.

    Our team can offer assistance with

    • Sponsored Content
    • Sponsored Inmails
    • Text Ads
    PPC service

    Facebook has millions of active users from all over the world. Our team of skilled experts can help you set up personalised Facebook ads using Facebook Pixel. With a winning PPC strategy, you can improve your conversion rate significantly.

    Our team is great at helping you with

    • Facebook Ads Management
    • Facebook Shopping Ads Management


    Grow your business effectively with our PCC management services.

    With years of experience in PPC marketing, our team can help you develop compelling PPC ads and target prospects who are already interested in your brand. Trust our experts to monitor and improve your PPC ad campaigns regularly for better ROI.

    Strategy Development

    While investing in a PPC ad campaign, you need a proper strategy to drive it towards your target audience. If you place your bet on the wrong keyword, your ads won’t reach the right people. Our team of experts focuses on extensive research and strategic PPC development to ensure you get value for the money you invest.


    We have a flexible team of PPC experts who are happy to partner with your in-house marketing team and work towards the common goal of driving your revenue. If you want, you can also tell our team of experts what to do in order to improve the results of your ongoing PPC campaigns. We can do whatever works best for your brand.

    Keyword Research

    The success of your PPC ad campaign relies heavily on the keyword. Our team analyses the market and uses the right tools to understand what your target audience looks for on the internet. By identifying the right keywords and phrases, our team helps you create effective PPC campaigns that boost your conversion rates significantly.

    Tracking and Optimization

    In order to get the most value for your invested money, you need to monitor and improve your PPC campaign regularly. Our team keeps a close eye on the performance of your ad campaign and optimises it. We track the short-term outcomes of the campaign and make necessary adjustments to deliver long-term success.

    Ongoing Management and Reporting

    In these ever-evolving markets, it is important to keep improving your PPC campaigns as per the ongoing trends. Our team remains committed to employing and refining your PPC campaign strategy, delivering measurable results for your business. Our team continues to manage your campaign while you focus on more crucial operations.

    Integration with Other Traffic Strategies

    Combining other marketing strategies with your PPC campaigns can improve your business outcomes significantly. Our team will research your industry, target audience, and marketing goals to devise a combined strategy to maximise the results. Our team is well aware of various marketing strategies that work well with PPC campaigns.





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    Haven’t you worked with the PPC advertising agency before? If yes, you may have a few questions in mind. To make it simpler for you, our experts have tried answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding PPC ad campaigns. Kindly go through the FAQs before hiring our services.

    PPC management is the practice of overseeing and managing the pay-per-click (PPC) strategies of a company. A PPC management service such as Smegoweb offers fully managed PPC advertising assistance to brands on their requests. By hiring such professional services, you can save a lot of money since well-executed PPC campaigns can pay for themselves.

    At Smegoweb, our team of experts works closely with the clients to understand their conversion goals and then select the PPC bid that can generate maximum ROI. We have several years of experience in creating intriguing ad copies that align with the client’s brand voice. Also, our highly skilled professionals can create dedicated landing pages where your prospects can land after clicking on the PPC ads.

    Smegoweb’s PPC management service also offers A/B testing to ensure what works best for your brand. Our team then makes the necessary adjustments to the PPC ads and ensures they comply with your conversion goals.

    PPC ads can be classified into several types depending on the platforms they are created for. Some of the major types of PPC ads are:

    • Search Marketing: These PPC ads are found at the top of the SERPs when the user enters a specific keyword query. Smegoweb can help you create your paid search marketing PPC ads that can get you more clicks.
    • Display Advertising: This type of PPC ad is created using text, banners, and images. You can find these ads on websites, and their appearance is based on the users browsing behaviour and interests. 
    • Social Media Advertising: Running your PPC ads on popular social media platforms (like Facebook) can help you achieve higher click-through rates. Smegoweb will help you create clickworthy ads.
    • Retargeting Advertising: This form of advertising involves the use of cookies on users’ browsers to show them certain ads based on their previous online activities. Get professional help on this from Smegoweb.

    PPC ad campaigns can benefit your business significantly if they are executed well. Some of the major benefits of PPC advertising include:

    • Increased traffic to your site: Having the PPC ads appear on the first page of SERPs improves your chances of getting noticed.
    • Boost in sales: Since these ads are focused on a targeted audience, they have better chances of closing the deal.
    • Qualified Leads  : PPC ads give a gentle nudge to the prospects who are at the end of the conversion funnel. Prospects reaching you through PPC ads are more likely to convert than otherwise.
    • Get what you pay for: In the case of PPC ads, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad.
    • Real-time ad performance analysis: With PPC ads, you get relevant demographic data, which can boost your marketing efforts.
    • Better brand recognition: Remarketing is a crucial aspect of a PPC ad campaign that helps boost brand recognition.
    • Qualified leads: PPC ads gently nudge the prospects who are at the end of the conversion funnel. These prospects are more likely to convert.

    PPC ads make it easier for prospects to find your brand and its offerings on the internet. Here are some of the most effective ways these ad campaigns can benefit your business: 

    • Brand Awareness: PPC advertising is a great way to get your new brand off the ground. It allows you to get your brand in front of the target audience, boosting brand awareness.
    • Qualified Leads: PPC ads help you reach the prospects who are interested in your brand. Such qualified leads result in a better conversion rate, boosting the revenue for your brand.
    • Increased Website Traffic: PPC ad campaigns make it easier for your new brand to appear at the top of SERPs for chosen keywords. With better visibility, you get to enjoy more traffic to your site.

    Investing in PPC ads allows you to reach the right audience who are active on digital platforms like Google and Facebook. Unlike other forms of advertising, PPC ads are targeted toward prospects who are interested in your brand and are more likely to buy from you.

    Brands can run ads on Google or Facebook for a certain amount of money. There is a predetermined amount for every click on the ad to visit your website. You will only have to pay for the clicks. These ads are not charged based on impressions.

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