Social media marketing makes use of social media platforms to draw leads. However, without an impactful social media strategy, your business could be missing out on attracting qualified leads, boosting sales and generating ROI.

Our experts at Smegoweb have years of experience crafting social media strategies that have helped businesses unlock their potential & become a customer favourite. From planning a result-oriented strategy and developing and posting content regularly to analysing results, we are committed to making your marketing campaigns a success story!

Here is how we can help scale your social media presence:

  • We offer customised solutions that are curated for your business needs.
  • All content is curated, keeping in mind your target audience.
  • We focus on driving results by understanding what the algorithm encourages.
  • Our focus is constantly on running campaigns, analysing results and optimising for better results.
  • We focus on delivering forerunner advertising campaigns to boost brand presence, awareness, and reputation.

With SMEGOWEB, strike the right chords with your target audience, gain their trust and become a brand name in the industry.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing services

  • Social Marketing services

    Using the right keywords is important to reach and target your audience. Additionally, choosing keywords wisely ensures that search engines are able to comprehend the relevance of the content. We use keywords that have the potential to attract and convert your audience.

    Our experts carefully analyse current market trends and list negative keywords to prevent unqualified leads from reaching you and continuously optimise campaigns for excellent results.

    Let’s get started with Google Adwords:

    • Google Search Ad Management
    • Google Display Ads Management
    • Google Shopping Ads Management
    • YouTube Ads Management
  • Social Marketing services

    Reaching your target audience through LinkedIn marketing is no longer a hassle with our marketing strategies. We aim to amplify your customer engagement rate to boost sales.

    Our experts consistently work towards improving your ROI with well-planned and strategic LinkedIn Ads. We focus on understanding the current market, ongoing trends and what your target audience wants. We craft ads that connect with your audience and make them interested right away.

    Let’s get started with LinkedIn ads:

    • Text Ads
    • Sponsored Content
    • Sponsored InMails
    • Carousel and Single Image Ads
    • Video Ads
    • Document Ads
  • Social Marketing services

    Meta (formerly Facebook) Ads are an effective way to reach your target audience and witness your sales funnel come to life. Customise your ads by demographically segregating and targeting your audience.

    Our experts analyse your business potential and craft advertising campaigns that attract, nurture and convert your audience effortlessly. We make the shopping experience a bliss with our ad campaigns that are strategically placed and planned for enhanced results.

    Let’s get started with Facebook Ads:

    • Facebook Ads Management
    • Facebook Shopping
    • Ads Management

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will we know that the website you created is responsive?

    Responsive websites are easy to access regardless of the device you are using. These are also compatible with all web browsers. To ensure that your website is highly responsive on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, our experts tailor customised experiences that are specific to each device. Through this, your website becomes more accessible to anyone on the internet.

  • How will you understand our website design goals?

    We aim to provide the best website design services that can be made available to you. Our team of designers and developers work closely with you to understand your inspirations, perspectives and motives. We share design layouts, our approach and strategies we will be implementing to ensure your website is worth every penny you have spent. We are open to suggestions and are always ready to customise our services to meet your expectations.

  • Do you use templates?

    We do not use templates. We firmly believe that authentic, built-on-demand and innovative designs will ensure your design is true to its brand personality.

  • How much time do you take to launch a website?

    The process of creating a customised website can vary and is dependent on various factors, including the extent of customisation, elements to be added, website copy requirements, content planning, design layouts, website development, testing, and even coding. Our team takes 20-25 days to complete and successfully launch your website.

  • Why are you the best design agency in Australia?

    We are committed to ensuring your website stands out and is reaching new potentials every step of the way. We conduct thorough research and understand what your target audience is looking for. We align your current business goals with designs and digital marketing strategies that are meant to grow your business. We create a website that speaks with your target audience in your absence the same way you would talk to them while they are at your office.

  • Can I suggest changes while you are working on the project?

    Yes! Our experts are always eager to design a website UI/UX that aligns with your business. It is your brand, and you understand, love and know it the best. Our experts will be more than happy to take your feedback and work with you towards developing a website that is truly yours.

  • Do you also specialise in graphic design?

    Yes, we do. We have a specialised team of highly skilled and experienced graphic designers who will help create designs that are in sync with your business niche and goals.

  • Can you bring changes to the website after it goes live? Maybe after 6 months or a year?

    Yes, we can. We understand that you may want to add elements later once the website is live. If the change is simple and doesn’t require too many changes, our experts can get it resolved at the earliest. However, if you are looking for major website changes that will be applied throughout the website, our experts will sit with you to understand your perspective better and how the new set of changes will look on your website.

  • Do you offer annual maintenance contracts?

    Yes, we do. Website maintenance is crucial to ensuring your website functions well and is always catering to the needs of your target audience. You can get in touch with our consultants and learn more about how we can help you. Our team at SMEGOWEB understands business needs on a personal level, and rest assured that you are getting the highest level of services.


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